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Ecocentric Design: the first dedicated period home consultancy service!

Ecocentric Design offers environmental architectural advice for owners of period properties. Our customers wish to improve energy efficiency, sustainability and health in their home environment.

Edith Colomba, Director and Founder says:

I have been a Building Sustainability Consultant for 10 years. Six years ago I became interested in helping homeowners to improve the environmental and health conditions in their home. This is particularly important and relevant for period properties i.e. Victorian/Edwardian houses, which often lack energy efficiency and comfort.

I have been working on a public funded scheme for the past year and a half, where I facilitated the energy upgrade of some 1,200 period homes. I have now a huge amount of experience I can draw from.

Although there is a lot of energy advice available, I noticed that there is a lack of holistic independent consultancy that helps householders find the best strategies for their property, be this a change in habits, small cheap measures or a full house refurbishment.
I feel that energy should not be the only dimension considered, as it happens most of the time. In fact, with Ecocentric Design’s eco surveys I am also targeting water, waste, ecology, gardening, wellbeing, comfort and health. This is what I call a holistic approach, in which resident and their homes are one unique ecosystem.
The benefits of this approach are substantial. There is the economic argument, i.e. saving on energy and water bills. There is a wellbeing component, in terms of comfort and air quality; there is a benefit on the larger scale, where people can feel they contribute to lower emissions and help on the climate change issue.
I am a ‘home improvement coach’, who supports people making their home environment excellent, green and healthy and suitable to modern living.
A good part of my mission is to help the general public to get an understanding on sustainable refurbishment and management of their property. For this reason, I am giving seminars and workshops for homeowners and share knowledge that is often jealously held by architects and building professionals only. In the future I plan to write a layman-friendly book on the subject.

In addition to my architectural career, I am currently studying Naturopathy and Nutrition. The health aspect will feed into my consultancy work.

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