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7 Reasons why Spring is the best time to start upgrading your home

Having helped over 1,000 customers in their journey to improve their houses, I have seen measures installed at all times and in all seasons. Although building works are possible all year around, I have learnt that there is no better time than Spring to get this process started! This is why:

  1. Getting specialist environmental design advice, finding contractors and getting quotes for works, resolve structural and damp issues, potentially obtain planning permission and finally undertake the works can be often a process that takes four to six months.
  1. Building works, especially Solid Wall Insulation (SWI) present some problems and risks when installed in cold and wet conditions. For example, walls might not be completely dry during installation and could retain excess moisture; construction might take longer because works have to stop during rainy days or when temperatures are lower than 5 degrees.
  1. When installing SWI in Summer or the start of Autumn, your walls have had the time to dry out and the risks of moisture related problems are reduced.
  1. When undertaking disruptive works, for example Internal Wall Insulation (IWI), whole house ventilation, mechanical ventilation systems, you might be able to relocate your kids to their grandparents or family as they will be in summer holidays from school.
  1. You will have time to learn with Ecocentric Design workshops and eco surveys and you will be ready to have your eco strategy in place before Winter comes.
  1. You can already start your rainwater collection and garden strategy, growing herbs and veggies and start off your wild flowers biodiversity patches in your garden.
  1. You will have the time to solve any installation issues, water leaks, snaggings, boiler and carbon monoxide security checks before low temperatures hit.

We recommend anyone looking for energy and sustainable home upgrades to start the process now. With this in mind, here is our special Spring Offer.

Check out our workshops and eco survey service if you would like to hear more and take action now for the wellbeing of your family and to give more warmth to your home!

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